In a for-profit company, your company’s goal is to live out its mission, and in order to live out its mission, we need to generate revenue from selling products or services, and marketing needs to support revenue objectives with marketing strategies. The first steps are understanding your market and conducting successful Market Research, start with conducting Audience Intelligence into the who why, and how of starting your strategy is to

Define your buyer

Find out who they are. what challenges they face, which age group they belong to, which industry they work in, and everything from annual salary to hobbies…

Lead generation is no easy thing, but email continues to be one of the most advantageous methods in putting together a healthy pipeline.

Powerful communication technology is still key to hitting your sales goals, and email is one of the most effective techniques to get you started.

64% of sales email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. However, having the email opened is just half the task; your main objective is to keep your prospect engaged and get a response — which is the more difficult part of the battle.

Let’s Talk about getting more leads…

2020 brought a lot of change and 2021 will be a continuation of those trends not only across technology but how culture is demanding inclusive digitization. If one thing is clear on how to choose and set up the right tools, we can’t afford to throw away your monthly marketing budget on forgotten or useless subscriptions -

Strategy 1st

It takes a lot of organisation, technical knowledge, clear business strategy and goals. Many business owners and marketers are scrambling to buy software and build out their Marketing technology stacks.

Technology 2nd but unless you have a strategy — Technology is…

Aoife O Connell founder of

Pifffttt what a WEEK for digital Marketers in Australia — Google/Facebook vs Australian Government

So here we go again and let me repeat — This is not as black and white as “Google and Facebook are evil and want to keep their money — the deflection from what is actually happening is one hell of a power play by Murdoch. The same media that has a ‘women problem’ their sexiest commentary and objectifying news. So we are here — Google struck a deal making ‘significant’ payments to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Facebook DID NOT.

It’s been a big day…

How does Facebook target you, is really interesting? You can go into your own account and it’s going to show you exactly who is targeting you. It’ll show you the interest, or if you were put inside of a custom audience. A custom audience can be an email list a brand has uploaded into Facebook to target you with their specific messages and Social Network ad preferences can be multiple categories for instance Business and industry, Education, Family and Relationships, Fitness, Food and drink Hobbies, the list really goes on and on. …

I got into a fight with 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. and the odds are against us as digital marketers in 2021 ( cue dramatic music)🎶🥁 and literally how every digital marketer operating in Australia is thinking and feeling looking down the potential unsettling changes of Google Ads and Facebook advertising.

Where is all the DATAAAAAAA going — like?!!!

So let's question everyone’s strategy. How are businesses preparing for a future with less or even no third-party data to target via digital marketing when Apple allows consumers to turn you off. If you are a larger player and heavily…

The future of social measurement marketing and it’s more than a tracking code. Let’s Talk Google Analytics and Social media Marketing

The social media power move of 2021 is going to be going all-in on Google for your Facebook ad spend… Excuse me?!

With Apple gate pinching the ability to track and capture performance metrics for social media platforms it means more that more than ever, Social Media Marketers need to have an effective marketing measurement strategy in place.

So how can social strategies/ marketers/community measures have an effective social networking marketing strategy? And can it be feasible to do…

Implementing CRO into a marketing strategy for 2021 strategy is going to substantially change the focus of 2021 marketing and getting up to speed on the strategy of the future via is a must to optimize your knowledge and planning for the year ahead.

Let’s start with the difference between traditional brand marketing vs growth marketing methods.

Traditional Brand Marketing traditionally is focused on top of the funnel = awareness, and acquisition.

Growth marketing has many meanings and no clear definition. As a result, it is hard for people to define it and talk about it in a consistent…

Ready, Set, Hell yes — and it’s time for journey-based emails 📧

COVID-19 has forced people indoors and companies online. Marketing is Omni -ON, 24/7. Real-time is here with the new entry to market like Clubhouse and dancing on tick-tock, you need to redirect the engaged user to somewhere right? The end goal is ALWAYS to get them off socials into your owned database and email is the primary pillar. …

Aoife O' Connell

🦾 Founder • STEMinist • Technology Enthusiast • Ethical Marketing Consultant • Chatbot and Automation wiz

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